Moving to South Korea

Saturday, February 20, 2016

As I've told before here and if you follow me in any of my social media accounts you can't have missed the news that I'm moving to South Korea for a year as an exchange student. Being an exchange student is something that I've wanted to do for so long and now it's finally coming true! Also other dream of mine, living in a big never sleeping city, is about to come reality. My last week in Finland has been full of packing, arranging and scheduling things, seeing my friends and spending time in places that have become important to me in this short time I've been living here in the capital area of Finland.

 photo IMG_5014_zpsof1ny9oc.jpg
 photo IMG_5017_zpsteold9rx.jpg photo IMG_5016_zpsxwqjqxka.jpg

Now I've been living in South Korea for about 3 weeks, it's been absolutely crazy and there has been lots of ups and downs in this short period of time but all of this has been totally worth it and this will definitely be a memorable year in every way. I just thought I'd make a post like this here in my blog too! You can follow me and my life in Korea via my exchange blog, Twitter, Instagram and my Youtube channel!

January Etude House Pink Bird Box: Cover Makeup

Hello everyone! My Etude House Pink Bird Box review is little late this time around because I'm blogging from totally different location this time: about three weeks ago I moved to South Korea!
It took me some time to get my phone and internet to work but now I'm back in the game.

But now on to the thing aka Pink Bird Box of January. The box included five full size products: the new Big Cover Concealer BB, Big Cover Concealer Cushion and three of the Monkey Wish Eyes eyeshadow shades.

To find more information about the products go check out Etude House's online store!

 photo DSC01132_zpsh01rjawc.jpg
 photo DSC01135_zpsphuu891j.jpg
 photo DSC01137_zps1sasamsw.jpg
 photo DSC01160_zpsfjtqxtwv.jpg
 photo DSC01163_zpskt47mvc5.jpg

First up is Big Cover Concealer BB in shade Vanilla from Big Cover line which includes this bb cream in three shades, cushion concealer (also included in this box), tip concealer and a concealer kit.
It promises perfect and flawless skin with its covering ability and this bb cream also has SPF50+/PA+++. The application of this bb cream is very interesting! It has a HUGE doefoot applicator like concealers usually have, I've never seen one on bb cream or foundation before and that's pretty fun! The formula is pretty nice and actually does cover pretty well, I guess you can get medium to full coverage with this bb cream. As you can tell from the swatch, even being the lightest shade this one is too dark and orange for me but I think I could use this on summer since it has so much SPF and I'm probably gonna tan just a bit while being here, so I'll give it a shot later.

 photo DSC01155_zpsfo8fwntx.jpg
 photo DSC01152_zpsoth8zvcd.jpg
 photo DSC01141_zpsajxacdc0.jpg

I received Big Cover Concealer Cushion in the shade Peach Pink, which is pinkish orange that works super well at color correcting purple-blue dark circles like I have. This product comes in six different shades, three for color correcting and the other three are regular concealers.
This has SPF30/PA++ which is pretty good for a concealer! I like this product, I've always been using concealer similar to this under my foundation to eliminate the purple. I've been used to more creamy concealers and this is more liquid type and felt slightly greasier at first but I've no complaints, worked as well for me as any other I've used! I have never been that fond of cushion type products because they're not the most hygienic though so that's the only downside.

 photo DSC01138_zpsk74odzdi.jpg

These are the three eyeshadows that came in the box! There is total of 10 shades in this Monkey Wish Eyes eyeshadow collection and six of them are limited but unfortunately I don't know which shades are limited and seems like you can't get them from Etude's online store anymore... They were still available in stores here in Korea when I visited one store this week though.

All of them have a message on the front in celebration of Lunar New Year. Shades and messages go from left to right:
GR707 - 합격했다몽 (Exam Passed)
BE109 - 입금됐다몽 (Pay Day)
PK013 - 응원한다몽 (Cheer Up)

 photo DSC01139_zpsfcr1hdf4.jpg

Each of the eyeshadows have a cute monkey face in them since 2016 is year of the monkey! The beige eyeshadow is velvet type and the green and the pink one are jewel type, which basically means that the jewel ones are super glittery and shiny, and the velvet one is more smooth and shimmery as you can see in the swatch below. All of them are very shimmery though.

 photo DSC01151_zpsd2imrgvf.jpg

Swatches from top to bottom: GR707, BE109 and PK013. All of them are so beautiful! At first when I saw GR707 I was little put of because well, it's green and that doesn't really tickle my fancy but when I swatched it, oh my god. It's actually really nice subtle brown with iridescent green glitter in it! A total shocker I actually ended up liking that color. BE109 is super pretty warm beige with gold shimmer and I really like it too. What was the real winner here is the last one, PK013. I've NEVER seen as pretty glitter eyeshadow as this is. It's EVERYTHING. I definitely understand why it's jewel type, it literally looks like jewels on your eyeballs. It's little chunky in the pot but it looks so amazing on lids I've been wearing it non-stop.
As for the color payoff, they don't give you the most pigment and crazy colors, but I think that's not the point here. I've noticed that Koreans LOVE super glittery and shimmery eyeshadows in very natural shades and I've really started to like those too when I came here. So if you like those qualities, definitely give these a shot!

That's for this post! The new Pink Bird Box seems to be shipped us this week, I hope mine will find it's way here since I've moved... See you guys soon!

Winter Makeup Favorites

Saturday, January 9, 2016


I thought I would share some of my absolute favorite makeup products and tools that I've been loving this winter (and last fall), since I'm pretty sure my makeup collection and taste in makeup in general has changed quite a bit in the past few months I haven't been blogging. There's definitely a color theme to all these products, for some reason I've been really into nude muted pinks and browns lately!

 photo IMG_4218_zps4jkzolgh.jpg

First up is the newest addition to my eyeshadow palettes, Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette. I bought it when Urban Decay finally became available for purchase here in Finland and I've been loving this palette ever since! I've never been into pink eyeshadows but these shades aren't that overpowering but more nude shades. I especially love those matte shades, Limit and Nooner! They've been my go-to shades in my daily makeup.

Then I have quite a handful of blushes and highlighters! I've bought all of these recently because I noticed I only had big selection of pink blushes and not really any other shades. I think I needed something more "mature" and toned-down.

 photo IMG_4177_zpsvdndc6zr.jpg

I already own one Nars blush and I really like it so I decided to pick up another one at Sephora while I was in Sweden. I chose the shade Oasis because it's very similar nude shade that there are in the Naked 3 palette so I though it would go very well with it and it has golden shimmer in it, and I do love me some gold in anything!

 photo IMG_4217_zpsp0e9rzzs.jpg

We went to a student cruise with my friends and I found this Chanel Powder Blush in shade 79 Rouge there in the duty free and fell in love with it, but unfortunately they were out of it! After that I've been searching high and low for this shade but they weren't selling it anymore anywhere... Until I went to Sweden and found it from the airport duty free! I was so happy because this shade is so pretty! I don't have this dark red blushes at all and this one has gorgeous gold shimmer in it too.

 photo IMG_4216_zpsx9dktuvq.jpg

Next up is Mary Lou-Manizer Highligter by the Balm. I love highlighters so this was a must to add into my makeup collection. I wanted a highlighter that is really intense and this one definitely is! It gives off such a gorgeous golden glow to your face, I love it.

I'm a total lipstick girl, I own more than enough lipsticks and I'm always wearing one, so here are the ones I've been reaching out for the most recently!

 photo IMG_4228_zpsaq3esyrr.jpg

I finally found myself the perfect nude "my lips but better" lipstick shade and it's Pops Explosif by NYX Cosmetics. I've been wearing this almost everyday! I love my red lipsticks the most but this is honestly such a nice shade to wear if I want to tone down my makeup a little.

 photo IMG_4227_zpsqfucjk2e.jpg

This isn't a lipstick but a lipgloss, and it's another "my lips but better" shade! It's also by NYX and the shade is called Angel Food Cake. It's very similar to Pops Explosif shade wise so I really like this too. And I really like the formula of these Butter Glosses, it's not too sticky and feels nice and butter-y on the lips!

I mentioned that I love red lipsticks the most and this shade I'm wearing here is called Lady Danger by MAC Cosmetics and it's my absolute favorite one! It's really bright orange toned red which just goes so well with my yellow undertone. I've almost finished up this lipstick because I've been wearing it so much I didn't dare to take a picture of the bullet since it looked so ugly hahah. A good dupe for this is a Matte Lipstick by Nyx in shade Pure Red!

 photo IMG_4229_zpsguolnrhe.jpg

I've had this Lip Couture Liquid Lipstick in shade Vampire by La Splash Cosmetics for a quite a while now but I was a little scared to wear it because the scent was really bad, it literally smells like gasoline. I asked my chemistry teacher at school if all of the ingredients we're safe and yes they are! It's just they haven't used any perfumes to hide the gasoline-like smell in the product, if anyone is wondering. After making sure this was safe to use I've been wearing it a lot! I really like matte liquid lipstick because they're so long-lasting. And the shade is gorgeous, it's the darkest lipstick shade I've got and everytime I've worn it I've got compliments on it!

 photo WNJD9812.jpg

This is the Formula X nail polish in the shade Love Chemistry I made a separate post about a while ago! I love gold glitter nail polishes and this is hands down the most beautiful one, I absolutely love it. I don't really have much to say about this one. It's beautiful.

 photo OOTT0841_zpsaqulsy6j.jpg

I really like O.P.I's creme nail polishes and this is no exception! This has to be my new favorite nude nail polish. The shade is called My Very First Knockwurst which is kinda weird and I never remember it. But nevertheless I think it looks really good with my pale skin!

 photo IMG_4221_zpsv3icpksc.jpg

My favorite falsies have lately been Dolly Wink's number 09. Natural Dolly! I don't really use or even like very showy and big false lashes anymore, I just feel like they're too much for me these days. I've been loving the subtle criss-cross design these have because they look so natural and false extension-like when worn! You can definitely see I've worn them a lot, the pair on the top is my last un-used pair of these. I need to purchase more soon!

 photo IMG_4215_zpsdzypocm2.jpg

I also have these two Real Techniques brushes from their Bold Metals Collection I want to talk about! The golden one is 100 Arched Powder and the copper one is 300 Tapered Brush. (sorry they're little dirty hahah)
I've never tried their brushes before because you haven't been able to get them anywhere in Finland but I was so excited when I found them at a local beauty fair here! I love anything gold and copper so these were a must-get, I just live for beautiful things haha. I use the gold one for powder, it's just really nice to dust powder on your face with this brush. The copper one is so good for highlighting, it's dense enough to give that precise application with your pressed highlighter and also the color payoff stays good!

 photo IMG_4214_zpsy5xrfhtf.jpg

This isn't actually a makeup item but I just had to include this. I finally got Nicki Minaj's newest perfume, The Pinkprint! I love all her perfumes, they're sweet, fruity and floral, just how I like my perfume. Not exactly what people would consider as a winter perfume but I don't care, I just happen to like that kind of scents the most. This is a little different than her previous perfumes, but I could almost say the best one! I'm really tied between this and Onika though hahah.

This is all for my winter makeup favorites! I'm trying to get more active here again so please expect more posts soon :-)

December Etude House Pink Bird Box: Play 101 Sticks

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hello everyone! It's my first post of 2016 and I'm back with another review of Etude House's Pink Bird Box!
This month the theme is Play 101 Sticks, their newest addition to the Play 101 collection. Together with popular Korean makeup artist Pony they've launched these multifunctional makeup sticks I received! Down below you can find two tutorial videos by Etude House and Pony to see the Play 101 Sticks in action and to get tips how to use the sticks.

More information can be found on Etude House's website here!

 photo DSC01081_zpsf3cibe7e.jpg
 photo 12 _2_-01_zpswkn1iscj.jpg

Okay, now onto my review on these new products! Here's what I received in the box this time: three different Play 101 Sticks, Play 101 Stick Contour Duo, a brush to go with these products, three samples of upgraded version of Moistfull Collagen Cream and a little eyebrow guide book!
I focused more on Play 101 Sticks in this post so I'm just quickly going to mention those other items now.
I've never tried any Etude House creams and I believe the Moistfull Collagen one was the popular one? Anyway I tried the cream and I really liked the texture of it, it's really soft and absorbs quickly making your face feel moisturized without feeling sticky! I actually might consider purchasing it when I go to Korea next month, it just felt so nice on the skin and I'm actually running out of cream hahah.

 photo DSC01086_zpskpx95j0i.jpg
 photo DSC01089_zpsffm0q20t.jpg
 photo DSC01093_zpsgukcwg2u.jpg

I'll start of with the brush! This is honestly pretty good quality, it's really soft unlike other Korean brushes I've tried. It must actually be the first Korean brush that I've found usable in any way! This works really good with Play 101 Sticks, it's really easy to blend them with this and it gives a seamless finish and doesn't rub the product off of your face.

 photo DSC01095_zpspmbnayxm.jpg
 photo DSC01103_zpsvnujpyx8.jpg
 photo DSC01099_zpssg3sisvy.jpg
 photo DSC01104_zpsndixcnwt.jpg
 photo DSC01105_zpsjy0m5xi2.jpg

The first one out of the three Play 101 Sticks I received is number 1 and the fairest shade of the four foundation sticks. It promises smooth and long-lasting finish and soft and creamy texture, and let me tell you; the formula of this foundation stick is  a m a z i n g.
I've never really liked products in stick form because they're usually hard to blend in and the texture is always kinda weird but this changed my opinion. It glides on so smoothly and blending is so so so easy! It isn't exactly suitable for my skin tone since I'm super pale (I normally wear Nars Sheer Glow in Siberia for comparison) as you can see in the swatch below. It's a shame though, I really like how it looks and feels on the skin!
What is amazing too, after blending it sort of dries non-sticky so you don't need powder and can keep that dewy finish if that makes any sense?
There isn't a whole lot of product but if you think those cream contour palettes where the product is in pans it isn't that much either so I think it's pretty good amount!

 photo DSC01111_zpskfcdt5ve.jpg
 photo DSC01113_zps4jpy0l7m.jpg
 photo DSC01112_zps68zoodjf.jpg

The second, number 13, is one of the multi-functional sticks, and the description says it can be used for eyes, cheeks and lips. I think this gorgeous pink shade with gold shimmer is the best used for cheeks though. Maybe even for eyes!
It doesn't look that amazing in the stick and first I was like ew what is this shade BUT when you actually apply it just oh my god it's so pretty! The swatch doesn't really do justice for this shade but honestly it looks so amazing worn on your cheeks. I tried to apply this on top of the foundation stick and my previous experience with makeup sticks has been that they always just wipe of the product already on your face and don't blend at all but not this one! It has the same kind of texture as the foundation stick, it just melts on to your face and is so soft and smooth and easy to blend.

 photo DSC01106_zpsawutolqq.jpg
 photo DSC01108_zpssfe23qfk.jpg

The third stick, number 11, is also multi-functional one and I guess this shade could be used for contouring and your eyes considering the brown shade. I used it for contour and I don't know if it's the right shade for me but it worked pretty well! It has the same texture as the other two so it has slightly dewy finish and I guess that's usually not what you want when doing contour but it looked okay in my opinion. I don't know what else to say, it works out just as well as the other two!

 photo DSC01118_zpsnsnq7gy2.jpg
 photo DSC01119_zpsimbmiv0l.jpg

Another product I received from the Play 101 Stick collection is The Contour Duo Stick! It has two shades in it, a highlighter on one end and a shading one on the other. The stick is slimmer than the other Play 101 Stick so it's ideal for contouring your nose for example.

 photo DSC01121_zpstakqvifj.jpg
 photo DSC01122_zpsjstbwiwr.jpg
 photo DSC01124_zpsdxrj65a9.jpg

The highlighter looks just plain cream color in the swatch but when blended out it actually gives of such a beautiful dewy highlight! The shimmer in it is really fine so it looks very tasteful.
The contour shade is actually really dark, at least for me. I don't really do nose contouring since my nose is pretty okay as it is so I used it on my cheeks instead! These blend really well too! I really liked the highlight shade, it gave such nice extra dewiness on top of the foundation stick.

That's about it this time! The whole Play 101 concept is pretty cool, you can definitely create huge variety of makeup looks just by using these Play 101 Sticks together with the Play 101 Pencils!
I reaaaally really wanted to do a makeup look with these item's I received but I'm very sick at the moment and can't really wear any makeup because I've also got an eye infection so I just tested them out... But I'll definitely upload one when I feel and look better!

Bye until the next time!

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